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blended Whiskey

A blended whisky that is made following an artisanal process using a malicious combination of whiskies from the Miyagi and Nagano prefectures. These spirits are later mixed and aged in American oak casks in the village of Kiyoakawa, a name meaning pure water.

sinlge grain

The flavours of this whisky honour the distillery tradition of simple craftsmanship. The hand-picked grain matures in first-fill bourbon barrels and is brought to life with clear mountain water. It ages with the seasons of the countryside, keeping time with the changes of the land.

pure malt

We managed to produce a pure malt whisky that is made with the crystalline and pure water from Kiyokawa mountains. In combination with a methodical, traditional, and high-quality process, we obtained this whisky that pays homage to the tradition of seeking perfection.


the process


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